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HDM Energies Offers Solar Installations With Zero Capex

HDM Energies Offers Solar Installations With Zero Capex

Daniel Rogers, CEO of HDM Energies

THE company’s ‘Energy For All’ initiative highlights its ambitious target of enabling every property and person in the UK to have access to clean, renewable energy through the use of solar.

The background to the creation of the new business is the UK Government’s target of increasing the country's solar power capacity from 17.6GW to 70GW by 2035 and to be a net-zero emissions economy by 2050. Rooftop installations will play a key role in helping the UK achieve its target as they reduce the need to take greenfield space for large solar farms.


According to HDM Energies, the big five energy companies are ‘busy taking valuable farmland and countryside for large solar farms and wind turbines. By using roof space we can bypass the need for National Grid energy and reduce excessive energy costs’. The Energy For All scheme opens the gateway for any UK business to access solar power and enjoy the benefits of lower energy costs, energy independence and improved environmental credentials, even when the investment cost may have previously been a barrier.


HDM Energies has significant financial backing from investors to provide the equipment to businesses free of charge. In return, HDM Energies provides businesses with access to lower cost energy for which they charge a rate from just 12p per KWh compared to the residential energy price cap rate of 24.5p, effective from 1st April 2024.


"We are thrilled to launch HDM Energies and offer businesses the opportunity to access clean, renewable energy without any capital expenditure," said Daniel Rogers, CEO of HDM Energies. "Our 'Energy for All' scheme is designed to make solar energy accessible to all businesses, portfolio landlords and councils regardless of their size or budget. By providing free equipment, installation and access to lower rate energy, we hope to play a key role in helping the UK achieve its target of becoming a net-zero economy whilst also reducing reliance on energy from the large energy companies”. He continued: “We are able to leverage the HDM group’s access to reliable, high-quality solar equipment and our expertise in the specification of solar installation projects to provide businesses with the installation of a solar energy system that is fully funded and includes hassle-free maintenance.”


HDM Energies' 'Energy for All' scheme is currently available to businesses, property portfolio owners and local authorities across the UK only, plans to launch the scheme for residential customers are also underway. To learn more about the scheme and how to apply, visit


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