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North Lincolnshire

Hull & Humber Chamber of Commerce in North Lincolnshire

Chamber members in North Lincolnshire are ably looked after by Anne Tate and Marilyn Waud in our Northern Lincolnshire office, in addition to our central office in Hull.

The Chamber holds bi-monthly policy meetings in Northern Lincolnshire, addressing issues affecting members in the area. Past guest speakers have included the leader and senior officers of North Lincolnshire Council, representatives of Government agencies and local Police commanders. Members also have an annual presentation on the economy and discussion of economic issues with the Bank of England’s regional agent. For more information please contact Anne Tate.

Our calendar of events also includes several network lunches and speed networking sessions in North Lincolnshire every year, as well as the Chamber’s annual Northern Lincolnshire Business Awards. More information can be found in our Events section or by contacting Anne Tate.

A full list of forthcoming events in North Lincolnshire, including agendas for policy meetings, can be found on the right.


The Chamber’s Chairman for North Lincolnshire is Paul Gouland, of Clugstons. As well as chairing the Chamber’s meetings, Paul attends events and speaks in the media on behalf of members.

Past meetings

To view minutes from our previous meetings please use the following link.

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