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Henry Samman Fund

The Sir Henry Samman Endowment Fund was set up in 1917 to encourage the study of business methods and languages.

It provides bursaries to assist young people who plan to spend a period abroad linked to the study of either business methods (business studies) and/or foreign languages.

Applicants should normally be aged 18 or over and be able to show some academic proficiency in either business methods (studies) or a foreign language. All applicants should also be British citizens and ideally residents of Hull, the East Riding, or Northern Lincolnshire. 

Trustees usually make their award based on the suitability of candidates following receipt of a written application and occasionally following an interview.

Awards are usually made for a period of between three to twelve months. Longer periods may be funded at the discretion of the Trustees.

Awards are made by the Trustees of the Fund on an annual basis usually at a meeting held during the summer. The size of a bursary varies but for standard awards is usually calculated at circa £100 per month of study abroad. 

Successful applicants will be required to write a report to the Trustees half way through their period abroad highlighting how they have benefited in the ‘study of business methods and/or languages’, while they have been away.

Applications should be sent to the Secretary of the Henry Samman Endowment Fund at the Chamber’s Hull office before the proposed date of departure.

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