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Policy Activities

The Policy team is responsible for the Chamber’s representation structure and activities, some of which include:

Meetings and agendas
The Policy team organises speakers, venues, agendas and supporting papers for all the Chamber’s policy meetings. At least one member of staff attends every meeting to listen to and record the views of members and to pass on information.

Representational activities
The Policy team is responsible for drafting memoranda, briefing papers and letters to ensure that the business voice is heard.

Representation to decision-makers
The Policy team has meetings with Government ministers, MPs and councillors on issues affecting local businesses.

Representation at partnership meetings
The Policy team attends many other sub-regional, regional and national organisations on a regular basis. This allows the Chamber to get a broader picture of developments as well as allowing the Humber business voice to be heard more widely.

Media work
Keeping the Chamber’s profile high is an important priority for the Chamber. The Policy team ensures that both the Chamber’s voice and the Chamber’s activities are communicated to the local and regional press via press releases as well as invitations to journalists to attend meetings. It also responds to requests for businesses’ views on current issues from local and national media organisations.

Working with other Chambers of Commerce
The Policy team works closely with the British Chambers of Commerce to flag up issues of national importance affecting members. The BCC works actively to present members’ views to national politicians, civil servants and policy-makers. Through Yorkshire & Humber Chambers of Commerce, the Policy team cooperates with other local Chambers to advance major regional issues.

Member communications
The Policy team provides news and information for the Chamber’s website and bi-monthly magazine, Business Intelligence. It also offers email services for members interested in finding out more about the Chamber’s policy work.

Research and surveys
The Policy team regularly gathers the views of members on business issues, through its Quarterly Economic Surveys, annual surveys on crime and transportation, and one-off surveys on issues such as skills and post office closures. The results are distributed to members, relevant local and national organisations and local politicians.

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