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Hull Business Forum

The Hull Business Forum was established in 2003 to provide private sector involvement in the city's Local Strategic Partnership (LSP).

Funded by the Local Strategic Partnership, the Hull Business Forum plays a pivotal role in providing detailed and coherent business input into the regeneration and economic development of Hull. It is the main vehicle for the business sector to become an active partner in the LSP and has been recognised nationally as an example of best practice for LSP private sector engagement.

It has previously hosted quarterly open meetings for local businesses which include a mixture of informative presentations, discussions and debates that regularly attract over 100 business people. Each meeting focuses on the major issues facing the city and are opportunities for local business people to find out what is happening and to make their views known.

Through its website, briefings, factsheets, newsletters and meetings the Forum helps Hull businesses be better informed, get more involved and access more opportunities than would otherwise be possible leading to an engaged and informed private sector.

The Forum brings together over 1000 businesses of all sizes from all sectors and works closely with the Chamber of Commerce, the Federation of Small Businesses and the Institute of Directors to ensure Hull’s private sector is playing a full and positive role in the LSP.

The business community must work collectively for real and constructive change; successful regeneration can only come about through the full and active participation of the local business community and this is what the Hull Business Forum aims to achieve. 

If you want to be part of that change visit www.hullbusinessforum.com.

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