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Russian Sanctions (04/09/2014)

HMG Reaction to Russian Sanctions

More Than Two Thirds of Exporters Believe Turnover Will Improve in Next 12 Months (21/08/2014)

Yorkshire & Humber saw an increase of 5.3% in exports from the region in Q2 2014

Taste of Britain: Food & Drink To Poland (12/08/2014)

Exporting your produce to Poland and the CEE and the opportunities available.

British Art and Sculpture - Biz Op Singapore (09/07/2014)

British Furniture - Biz Op Singapore (09/07/2014)

UK Wallpaper Manufacturers - Biz Op Singapore (09/07/2014)

Overseas Business Networks Initiative (09/07/2014)

Launched in late 2012 by the Prime Minister, the Overseas Business Networks initiative aims to transform the support available for British SMEs seeking to do business in high-growth, hard-to-access markets across the world.