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Refer a business contact to join the Chamber!

The Hull & Humber Chamber of Commerce offers a huge range of services to its Members and we want to offer these benefits to your contacts.

Chamber Membership is growing in a difficult environment as more companies are looking at ways to network, gain more contacts and promote their products and services.  

Membership of the Chamber enables your company to benefit and raise your profile within the local business community, together with that of your products and services, to keep you informed of business news and issues, and to give you a voice in the commercial arena. All of which are intended to increase your sales and profits.  

Increasing Membership numbers within the Chamber creates more possible companies for you to do business with. So why not recommend our services to your business contacts?  

By recommending a business contact to us, whose company subsequently becomes a Member of the Chamber, we will give you a £50 +VAT discount off your next Chamber Membership subscription fee. All you have to do is gain their permission, provide us with their contact details and we will do the rest.  

A Chamber with more Members is a stronger Chamber, which will benefit all Members.  

When your business contacts join our Chamber, it will enable their company and all of their employees to be a part of the world's biggest business network and the Humber's largest business organisation, which provides high quality, low cost services to Members and is recognised as the 'voice of local business.  

To recommend a business contact, please pass their details to Hannah Crookes via email or telephone 01482 324976.

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