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Future Events 2014/15

India: International Food Technology Exhibition
14th - 16th November, 2014
£2,500 grant available for eligible companies.

Turkey: Gateway to the Markets of Central Asia and the Middle East  and
Breakbulk Turkey
18th - 19th November, 2014

WT@1 - Doing Business in Central and Eastern Europe
25th November, 2014

Exporting Food & Drink to Malaysia
15th December, 2014

Trade & Investment Mission to Malaysia
26 th Januay - 1st February, 2015

2015 - advance notice
Doing Business in China
Doing Business in South East Asia

Past Events 2014 

Trade Mission to the Caribbean
28th January - 5th February 2014
UKTI Grant of £650 available for eligible companies.

HMRC Launch Event - Overview of International Trade Issues
30th January, 2014

Trade & Investment Mission to Malaysia and Singapore
4th - 11th March, 2014
£720 Export Grant available for eligible companies.

Doing Business In South Africa
3rd April, 2014

Introduction to Exporting
16th April, 2014

International Trade Documentation Paperwork & Payments
30th April, 2014

India: Opportunities for Yorkshire & Humber Businesses
14th May, 2014

VAT: Trading With Other Countries
22nd May, 2014

Offshore Oil & Gas/Renewables Issues
26th June, 2014

Dubai: Gateway to the Gulf
17th July, 2014

Taste of Britain - Exporting Food & Drink to Poland and the CEE
16th September, 2014

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