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Final days of GEW Hull

Continued highlights from Global Entrepreneurship Week in Hull 2012.

Day 4: Young people show #FutureHull

Around 200 sixteen to eighteen year olds and their tutors from a range of post 16 educational programmes in Hull attended this inspirational day at Staff House at the University of Hull.  

As young people approach any transition point within their education it is vital that they are equipped with relevant information so they can make informed choices. For transition to post 16 and post 19 they need to be able to talk about their hopes and ambitions and to hear positive views from those around them. Taking part in Global Enterprise Week enables young people to start exploring the skills they will need for their future; by listening to influential employers and mentors and working with others to explore and understand the information provided it will allow them to have a positive and beneficial experience which will assist them in making the right choice.  

Inspiration was provided by a number of guest speakers who all gave personal reflections on their own unique journeys and the lessons that each had learnt from them. The highlight of which was international business guru Ruth Badger, who had featured prominently in the BBC Apprentice series.  

There were keynote addresses from three widely different local entrepreneurs. Hull’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2009 Amanda Hartley told the young people how she had realised her dream of opening a florists only a couple of years after leaving school, defying some people who said she was too young and that the business would not survive the recession. while Phil Benson of Xing Health spoke about the development of his business, including the initial impulse to set up following a visit to America and on to the present with their opening of a Xing shop in the heart of the Shambles in York and their new school programme, he also said they were now opening a Smoothie Bar in partnership with pupils from Winifred Holtby School that was sponsored by the John Cracknell Youth Enterprise Bank.

The young people then moved from the theoretical to the practical, working in teams to complete the Badger’s Sett activity. Each team was set the challenge of coming up with a marketing concept for a product or service using an object placed on each group’s table as inspiration. Each group then had 45 minutes to come up with the name of the product, the retail cost and suitable marketing material, all of which had to be linked to the opportunities offered relating to renewables industry   They were then thrown into the Badger’s Sett, meaning they had to give a dynamic four -minute presentation to a panel of senior heads of local organisations. One person from each team was also allowed to make a one minute pitch to a video camera.    

The Judges were:  

  • Andrew Devenport, Chief Executive of Youth Business International;
  • Nick Sangwin of Sangwin Holdings Ltd;
  • Mike Pennington of Mail News & Media;
  • Jonathan Leafe of Strawberry;
  • Keith Madeley MBE, Chairman of the Yorkshire Society;
  • Kenton Robbins,  IoD Regional Director for Yorkshire & Humberside; 
  • Ruth Badger;
  • Sam Whitaker, CEO of Esteem.    

 The Winning Teams  

  • First Prize: £300 worth of vouchers donated by  Hull Training  went to Wilberforce College
  • Second Prize: £200 worth of vouchers donated by Hull Studio School went to Hull University
  • Third Prize: £150 worth of vouchers donated by Institute of Directors went to Franklin College
  • Fourth Prize: £100 worth of vouchers donated by KH Smilers went to Hull College
  • Fifth Prize: £100 worth of vouchers donated by Co-operative went to City Works
  • Sixth Prize: £100 worth of vouchers donated by Hull and Humber Chamber of Commerce went to Hull Training
  • Video Pitch winner: £100 worth of vouchers donated by sponsored by CityWorks went to £100 - Sirius Academy 
  • Evaluation winner: £20 worth of vouchers donated by sponsored by CityWorks went to Laura from Hull College

Day 5: Secondary School Entrepreneurship Masterclass 

Young people from Hull secondary schools attended an Entrepreneurship Masterclass along with  pupils from Hessle High School  and Hull Studio School. The Masterclass is designed to challenge young people to think about starting their own business as a career and becoming an entrepreneur. This is achieved by introducing the young people to local role models, as well as inspiring them through presentations, activities and discussion centred on their own life experiences, vision and achievements. The event began with a welcome by BBC presenter Blair Jacobs who outlined what the event was about and talked about the importance young people play in the future of the city of Hull. As an ice breaker the students had to build a free standing tower out of string, spaghetti and tape and then place a marshmallow on the top, the winning team was the one that could produce the tallest tower with their limited resources.  

The day’s main guest speaker, international businesswoman and runner up in the BBC Apprentice series, Ruth Badger, who focused on the importance of having the right attitude in business and in life, provided the first inspiration of the day. During her presentation Ruth praised the city’s young people for their enterprising attitudes, in particular those that she had met whilst judging the Badger’s Sett Enterprise Challenge the day before.  

As proof of this, the young people then heard from a variety of young local entrepreneurs including Bronwyn Wilson of Crazy Critter World who set up her business aged 14,  Hull’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2009 Amanda Hartley of Amanda’s Blue Orchid,, Phil Benson of Xing Health also told of how discovering ‘smoothies’ had provided the inspiration to develop their business. He also said they were now opening a Smoothie Bar in partnership with pupils from Winifred Holtby School, which was sponsored by the John Cracknell Youth Enterprise Bank. All of these young entrepreneurs had received funding for their businesses from the John Cracknell Youth Enterprise Bank.  

By the afternoon, it was time to put some of the ideas from the morning’s presentations into practice. They were asked to develop a marketing concept for a random object given to them and to pitch this to the Badger’s Sett. Each group had 45 minutes to come up with the name of the product, the retail cost and suitable marketing material. It was then time to present to the Chair Ruth Badger and her fellow judges.  

Six teams were identified to present to the Badger’s Sett, with Ruth and her Badgers giving each team a real grilling before retiring to make their deliberations. Top of the pile came Eco Buddy from Malet Lambert School, who won £400 donated by Arco. Second place, and £200 courtesy of  Hull College Group, went to Hydro of Hessle High School, whilst behind them came Solar Comb from Malet Lambert who won £130 donated by Malet Lambert School. Fourth and fifth spots went to Hydro Bath Experience from Sirius Academy and Waterwonder from Winifred Holtby School , whilst Solar Dog from Malet Lambert taking sixth place. These three prizes of £80 worth of vouchers were donated by some of the city’s young entrepreneurs Force-7, Buildlife and Xing Smoothies.  

The Best Video pitch award, with a prize of £80 (sponsored by CityWorks) went to  E Accessorise from Newland School for Girls. The Evaluation Draw £20, sponsored by CityWorks, went to Declyn from Trinity House School  

At the end of the event, all teachers, students and business volunteers were asked to complete an evaluation, the results of which clearly showed that the event had been a success. Teachers in particular felt that the event had significantly developed students’ enterprise capabilities as set out in Hull’s Big 13 Enterprise Skills.

Phil Batty, Managing Director of Force-7 commented:

“This is Force-7’s  fifth year involved in Global Entrepreneurship Week and as always I saw lots of future entrepreneurs who in years to come will be presenting to similar events to inspire new generations. What’s more, I saw future enterprising employees that are the key to our city’s future especially in these difficult times with over 1 million young people in the UK unemployed."

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