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Continued: Highlights from GEW Hull 2012

Global Entrepreneurship Week in Hull continues....

Day 3 - Primary School event, 'Our City – The Mail at the heart of it’

The third day was facilitated by popular BBC presenter Blair Jacobs and representatives of the Hull Daily Mail. The pupils were treated to a warm welcome from Councillor Danny Brown, the Right Worshipful the Lord Mayor of Kingston upon Hull and Admiral of the Humber in his chains and robes of office.  

At the start of the day Jamie Macaskill, Assistant Editor at Mail News and Media set the scene by informing the young people about the role of the local newspaper in the community before a group of students from Hull College played out short scenes written for the day by local playwright Kate Brenan of Act the Facts about how reporters gather news and develop advertising content for the Hull Daily Mail.  

During the day pupils attended a press conference relating to a big local news story which was about the building of a statue to Luke Campbell local boxer who won a Gold Medal at the Olympic Games.  

The pupils got to play the role of journalists by listening and asking questions real life journalists in order to help them write a story for the Hull Daily Mail. Pupils also had to speak to local business owners who would like to advertise in the Hull Daily Mail in particular a florist and smoothie business who were having difficulties in attracting new customers, as part of this the pupils learnt how to question a business for the right information to create an advert.  

The pupils than went on to take the news and advertising content they had gathered and had to write a news story or design an advert that would appear in the Hull Daily Mail. After lunch the pupils learnt about how the editorial content gets onto the newspaper page and on the website and how the adverts get onto the newspaper page and on the website. They than went on to learn how we get the newspaper into the shops and delivered to homes, whilst understanding what makes people buy a newspaper.    

Certificates / Awards were given out by Claire Young and Jamie Macaskill, Assistant Editor at Mail News and Media for:  

  • 1. Most Creative Story £400 Cash and Vouchers donated by the Co-operative went to the team from The Parks Primary
  • 2. Best Headline £200 Cash and Vouchers donated by Malet Lambert School went to the team from St James Primary
  • 3. Most Creative Advert £130 Cash and Vouchers donated by  KC went to the team from Gillshill Primary
  • 4. Teamwork Award £100 Cash and Vouchers donated by Andrew Marvell School went to the team from St Nicholas Primary
  • 5. Best Journalist £ 80 Vouchers donated by Victoria Dock Primary went to Ellie Harris of Appleton Primary
  • 6. Team that most used the 13 Enterprise Skills  £80  Vouchers donated by St Stephens went to the team from Bellfield Primary    

At the end of the event, all teachers, students and business volunteers were asked to complete an evaluation, the results of which clearly showed that the event had been a success. Teachers in particular felt that the event had significantly developed students’ enterprise capabilities as set out in Hull’s Big 13 Enterprise Skills. The winner of £20 in vouchers sponsored by City Works at this event for completing the evaluation was Adele from St Richards Primary. The teachers in general thought that the day had been extremely positive, with most thinking that the session had given pupils an excellent introduction to how a city works and the businesses within them.

Other Highlights included:  

  • Claire Young former BBC Apprentice gave an informative take to pupils and helped them with their enterprising day as well as encouraging them to tweet about their expperiences;
  • A Networking Village featuring stands from a wide range of Hull companies and organisations;
  • Every young person received a delegate pack featuring information about the day and information on the Big13 Enterprise Skills and clapper each.  
  • Mail News and Media prepared front page reports for each team of what the pupils had produced.  
  • Every young person received a T-shirt provided by the sponsors Co-operative, St Stephen’s and Mail News and Media.  

Commenting on the day:   

“The 'Our City and the Mail at the heart of it' day at the University engaged and educated the children. The opportunities and activities that you provided for the children throughout Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012 were fantastic. It is a privilege for our school to be involved with the events organised by The Hull Ready Team.” Chris Dawson Gillshill Primary School    

"As always Broadacre Primary School feel privileged to be asked to be part of GEW, it raises much excitement amongst the children. It always amazes me when the children realise that they use the 13 enterprise skills everyday in their school work and how just one week can build up so much self esteem. Looking forward to GEW 2013 so book us in NOW!!!" Suzanne Moulson Broadacre Primary School

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