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Highlights from GEW Hull

This week is Global Entrepreneurship Week in Hull. Take a look to see what has been happening:

Day 1- Monday 2 November:

100 twelve and thirteen year olds from Malet Lambert School in East Hull took part in the Hull Environmental Enterprise Challenge at The Exchange, Wilberforce Court, Hull. The students were given a secret brief to come up with a business idea and then promote this to a group of judges chaired by former BBC Apprentice star Ruth Badger. Students chosen for the activity were from a variety of abilities but had already demonstrated enterprising skills by showing a positive attitude, punctuality and good attendance in school. As an ice breaker the students had to build a free standing tower out of string, spaghetti and tape and place marshmallow on the top the winning team were given a small prize from John Cracknell Youth Enterprise Bank.    

Working in groups of five, students had to decide on roles including managing director, finance, IT, marketing & PR as they had to take on the role of top-flight marketing consultants to design an App for an iPhone in order to promote Hull and encourage people to be more environmentally friendly. At the start of the challenge the students were told about how smart phones and tablets are in society with many people owning some type of handheld device and that it is said there is an app for everything.  

From news to weather and business to pleasure, Apps allow people to have instant access to array of information or entertain at a touch of a button. As the students developed their concepts the Judges were looking at the App and concept the students came up with as well looking at how each team used the ‘Big 13’ enterprise skills     Students then had to explain their idea, design a marketing campaign, calculate the cost of both making the product and selling it and finally, identify a target market. Following these deliberations, and most challenging of all, they had to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges from local organisations.      

Judging the activity were: Dr Elaine McMahon CBE, Chief Executive & Principal of Hull College Group; Neil Hudgell, Managing Director of Neil Hudgell Solicitors; Jenny Longden, City Works Training; John Readman, Hull City Council; Ruth Badger; and John Meehan, Owner of Meehan Media & Comms.      

Six teams presented their ideas to the judges. The teams were as follows:  

  • 1st Place - THE HOME DESIGN members were Daniel Green, Finley Grannon, Charlie Cooper, Ryan Tyso - £250 sponsored by Neil Hudgell Solicitors  
  • 2nd Place - ECO TECH members were William Smith, Robert Rispin, Ban Sanderson, William Shaw - £125 sponsored by KC  
  • 3rd Place - THE ONLY WAY IS HULL members were Jasmine Rushworth, Ellie Haughton, Millie Jacobs, Naomi Suter, Olivia Limon - £80 sponsored by Xuro Computers  
  • 4th Place - THE GEEKS members were Jack Naulls, Darren Tailor, Phoebe Oglesby, Kiera Birch - £50 sponsored by St Stephens  
  • 5th Place - GLOBAL ZOOM members were Amy Harrison, Emma Newmarch, Larissa Powell, Jessica Bennett, Elise Kates - £50 sponsored by The Exchange  
  • 6th Place - ECO & FRIENDLY members were Holly Satchwell, Matty Hayward, Talia Blain, Charlotte Fowler, Leah Hobley - £50 sponsored by Hull Training  

Ruth Badger commented:  

“It was a privilege to start Hull’s Global Entrepreneurship Week Celebrations and work with pupils from Malet Lambert School who certainly were very innovative and enterprising throughout the day, they clearly demonstrate why Hull is such an enterprising place. I was also honoured to receive the “Badger” model made by pupils at the School even though it does make me look stern.”  

Oliver Wilson  Director, Xuro Computers commented:  

“It was great to be involved with such an exciting and well organised event. The young people came up with brilliant ideas and showed how much can be achieved through communication and teamwork. I only wish that every school would get as involved with enterprise as Malet Lambert as a former pupil I know that I have benefited by their approach and am pleased that they are supporting me as an apprentice whilst I am running my own business.”  

Day 2 - Tuesday 13 November:

This event was a celebration of Hull  Ready  and saw primary school pupils, teachers, business people, educationalists and local councillors all come together to celebrate the third year of the Hull Ready programme and hear how successful our young people had been in Making £5 Blossom. This programme aims to raise awareness of enterprise in schools in a practical and engaging way, both with teachers and pupils. Popular presenter Blair Jacobs hosted the fourth  anniversary celebration of Hull Ready. Initially, a group of children from four of the schools which had already been involved with the Make £5 Blossom project showcased their skills to the 100 strong audience of opinion formers in the city, telling them in detail what each had done with the £150 loans provided by their local business partners.  

A group of children from Victoria Dock Primary, Neasden, St Richards and Paisley Primary Schools outlined to the business, education and political leaders about their enterprising activities. In the true spirit of Entrepreneurship Week the tables were then turned on the adults to do a bit of work and they were set a task by pupils from Longhill Primary School to see how each table could work as a team in building a “paper” raft in order to transport the coal in along a canal in 19th Century this had been developed as part of their places and people project in the school.  

Each raft was than floated in a fish tank as the pupils from Longhill added weights to see how secure the raft was and to see how many weights it could carry. The adults clearly demonstrated a number of the Big 13 enterprise skills and the winners overall were table 4  that  was made up of Hannah Crookes from Hull and Humber Chamber of Commerce Anna Millar of KC and Lynda Brown, Suzanne Moulson and Margaret Silcox of the Co-operative their raft managed to survive with  1.5Kg of weights added to it before it sank “Girl Power”. It just beat the team on Table 1, made up from John Millar  Department Business Innovation and Skills, Sean Royce KC,  Martin Craven Managing Director AAK UK Limited, Sarah Longthorn and Laura Booth of Wedgewelly, Debbie Page of  Claughtons and Charlie Spencer of  the Spencer Group.

Other Highlights included: 

  • Ruth Badger gave a witty and informative presentation about her life and experience in the BBC Series The Apprentice. She also praised the city’s efforts in supporting its enterprising young people and commented how much she had enjoyed listening to the young people’s presentations.  
  • John Meehan gave a typical witty presentation on what  Meehan Media & Comms is currently up to and outlined his views on  social media and its role in generating customers for a business whilst tweeting about @GEWHULL #GEWHULL  at the same time  
  • Sean Royce, Commercial and Finance Director, KC gave an outline of why they had established KC Invest and making available £660K investment in business support projects including the Youth Enterprise Bank. Sean also gave a brief overview of KC community support and the grants they give   Delegates were shown a video produced about last years activities in Global Entrepreneurship Week in Hull alongside one featuring a range of international backers of the week.  
  • Look North came down to film the event and interview Ruth Badger about the work Hull does to support its enterprising young people that also featured Young entrepreneur of Year 2009 Amanda Hartley as part of their feature on youth unemployment, the article also featured Hull Studio School.

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